What We Do: CALL

The Journey With Christ

We call men to fully engage in The Journey with Christ – not just with our heads, but with our hands and feet. In Matthew 25, Jesus teaches us to invest what we have – including leadership, resources, skills, and talents – in His kingdom on His behalf. But knowing that we should invest ourselves and knowing how to do it are different things. Twice a year, we offer The Call To The Journey, an 8-week experience that guides men through a carefully curated set of teaching, training, and hands-on experience.

Ready to answer the call?

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Missions and Educational Trips

We also organize short-term mission trips and educational trips (such as trips to Israel) for leaders to expand their view on what God is doing in the world. While some can pay their own way for interstate and international travel, others lack the resources to take advantage of these opportunities. Your support allows leaders who otherwise may not be able to afford travel expenses to experience God’s kingdom on a global level.


Trip To Israel (2023 and 2024)

We are tentatively planning trips to Israel in 2023 and 2024. Your support can give under-resourced pastors a life-changing opportunity to experience the Holy Land for themselves. Sign up to receive our newsletter with the latest updates and plans.