What We Do: CARE

Supporting Leaders And Vision Casters

Those who carry the burden of influence and vision often carry their struggles alone. Like everyone, they have struggles, fears, and doubts, but rarely have safe and appropriate places to wrestle those out within the organizations they lead. We create spaces where leaders can share one another’s burdens and experience the care and concern of their peers.

In our effort to care for leaders, we also offer consultation for crisis situations and pastoral successions.

We have the experience and pastoral concern for pastors of all kinds, whether their “flock” comprises a local church, business, or community of influence. We gather peers into groups like Pastors in Covenant, meet one-on-one to unpack personal issues and provide the counseling and support leaders need as they pour themselves out for others.

Your support allows us to offer these services at no cost to these organizations. That means every leader, regardless of their status as a non-profit, for-profit, or faith-based organization, can find the care, counseling, and coaching he needs to finish his journey well.


Interested in a Pastors In Covenant Group?

Contact us for more information on how to participate in a “Pastors in Covenant” group, one-on-one coaching, and leader counseling. 

Pastors In Covenant

“I was so encouraged by my pastors in covenant group. It became a sacred place to be heard and cared for by other pastors. It helped remind me that my experiences in ministry weren’t unique to me alone. The sharing of hearts, struggles and victories refreshed my soul each time we gathered. I would love for every pastor to have that kind of support!” 

Pastor Michael Goacher

Pastors In Covenant

“My PIC group has been a tremendous blessing in my life for several reasons.  First, I really have no other avenue to talk about the things I can talk about in this group. These are Pastors who, as I have discovered, are dealing with the same issues on a regular basis and understand the complex dynamics of being a Lead Pastor. I have found that being able to discuss things openly and freely with like-minded and understanding friends has ministered to my heart in profound ways.  Secondly, this group is incredibly encouraging and supportive in ways I would not have imagined. The personal relationships that are developed provide strength from the lonely feeling that can often come with Pastoral Ministry. These friendships are strengthening and inspiring.  I highly recommend every Pastor have this kind of group.”

Pastor Ky Faciane

Pastors In Covenant

“I have been in a PIC group with Rob Harrell going on a year.  Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite gatherings.  As a pastor, I am very focused on the cares and needs of my community and church.  Most of the time people are sharing with me their difficulties and struggles. In the PIC group, I can safely share my own struggles and prayer needs.  There is power in belonging to a group you can openly share your challenges.  In my PIC group, I know I am going to get good godly council and I do not feel alone in my ministry efforts.  It is also a great group to laugh and share in the amazing work God is doing in Austin.”

Pastor Travis Gray 

Pastors in Covenant

“Peter Drucker was a well-known business consultant and analyst. He was hailed by Business Week as “the man who invented management.” Drucker once said the three toughest leadership positions he could imagine were a hospital administrator, a university president, and a megachurch pastor. After working in my church for 16 years with two different jobs, my first Sunday as Senior Pastor was one of the loneliest days of my life.  I think the unique nature and status of the Senior Pastor makes life more complicated, difficult, and unique.  PIC was a place I could go and know there were people that understood. It became a safe place in the storms of ministry.”

Pastor Matt Cassidy

Pastors in Covenant

“I’ve found PIC Groups to be instrumental in my personal growth as a follower of Jesus and in my professional growth as a minister.  Having a group of men who are more experienced than me in ministry and their walks with God has provided a safe place for me to share struggles, bounce ideas, be ministered to, and be given counsel.  The various backgrounds of the guys in my group have broadened my experience of the Body of Christ in Austin and the depth of our God and His people.”

Pastor Justin Christopher